Why Rwanda International Women’s Day is Fake

RwandaIts been a while without communicating, but that does not mean that we are sleeping or on holiday, as writing articles is secondary to our struggle. What many of you haven’t realised is the weakness and paranoia that the Paul Kagame’s autocracy is suffering from-if it was an illness, the doctor would  have said;  its acute and the patient should be put in intensive care.

Paul KagameThough Rwanda comes across as a country were the woman has been empowered and she’s  highly represented in the national senate than most countries in the world,  its not true but a  big lie and an insult to most women in Rwanda. Instead what we have in place are brainwashed and dis empowered women.

rwanda womenWhen you can’t make decisions based on your conviction, then you’re not empowered but dis-empowered.  Thus, when a group of women knows very well, that 5 minutes away from their parliament/Senate house, lives women and their children in a sewer and are afraid to say anything, then you realise how the regime has imprisoned their motherly instinct.

By Women in the parliament to collectively vote to amend the Rwandan constitution, so it can benefit an autocratic creepy man and not the country, its not what liberated women do, but slaves do!


rwandaToday, let’s take a closer look at the International Women’s day celebration. In-spite of the good intention-without a doubt, its insulting to the Rwandan woman to make her celebrate a day that has no meaning to her. We need to look at the face that is being peddled to represent this day. Does that face represent the actual picture on the ground, and does she care what happens to the other woman in the countryside and ghetto? Of-course not!

womanIts a great Idea to celebrate Women’s day. However, this should be done everyday and inclusive for all women as the Woman is the unsung Soldier that has to duck all the insults society throws at her on a daily basis. The Woman especially in Africa does not only give birth, but unites the family together by making sure its fed,  cared for, reassured and consoled, educated, sheltered, etc.

However, in most Banana republics such as the one in Rwanda, the International Women’s day has come to mean, the day when wives and girl friends of the elite indulge themselves silly, while the peasant/working class are left under the pile of garbage.

Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame with other VIP guests, IFC president Ignace Bacyaha Rusenga and his spouse (far left), Speaker Domitilla Mukabalisa, and Dr Monique Nsanzabaganwa with her spouse.

During this women’s day, a clique of women that belong and subscribe to the oppressive class of the Rwanda dictatorship, are seen awarding themselves medals, certificates, bonuses, etc. as being the only women that matter the most in Rwanda. What we have taking place is more of an insult to the most needy and most vulnerable women in Rwanda.

ingabireToday we find that the other class of women has been denied their rights and voice by the same class of wannabe champions of the women cause.  In fact, that class of women masquerading as the owners and champions of International Women’s day, are nothing less than social parasites that shamelessly hurt our mothers, sisters,daughters, neighbours, comrades, teachers, nurses, etc.  on a daily basis.

12801525_1665471283712760_1223335474960850598_nThe reality of today’s woman in Rwanda can be witnessed in poorly equipped hospital, were they have to give birth under candles instead of electricity and are forced to vacate the hospital bed barely 39 minutes after giving birth. How can we forget the girls that have to go to school without knickers(panties) on, because they can’t afford one and some schools have to introduce a policy, were girls have to borrow knickers from other students.

12814654_966721123423392_4305022453225561707_nHow about the mercilessly destruction of food crops that belong to the peasant woman, because she has not followed the regime’s policy of growing cash crops, but grew potatoes to feed her hungry children.

innocent female prisoners

Then we have the sickening culture of destroying houses-razing them to the ground, because the poor women could not afford to pay local taxes to government extortionist, etc.

Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame poses with (L-R) Gender minister Oda Gasinzigwa; IFC president Ignace Bacyaha Rusenga; the three awardees Ysolde Ishimwe, Christelle Kwizera, and Colombe Ituze Ndutiye; and Mireille Karera, the event director Global Women's Summit, at the gala dinner on Tuesday.When We see the wife of the Rwanda autocratic leader, Jeannet Nyiramongi Kagame posing for photos with the most patronising class of women that have no care for the plight the other 90% of women in Rwanda, our stomachs hurt to the extent were we begin to question the real meaning of international Women’s day in Rwanda??

If the day is about patronising the majority of women in Rwanda, then why should we have respect for female parliamentarians that have become mute on the real plight of the Rwandan Woman.

Where is their solidarity with innocent female prisoners?

innocent female prisonersWhere is their solidarity with Mothers living in sewers?

victim of Kagame

Where is their solidarity with girls that have to borrow  knickers to go to school? Where is their solidarity with mothers that have to be forced to vacate maternity wings barely 39 minutes after giving birth?  Where is their solidarity with the victims of rape in Congo by Rwandan sponsored  militias? Where is their solidarity with women refugees from Burundi being forced to vacate Rwanda? Where is their solidarity with the peasant woman that has no access to regular food?? Where is their solidarity with women that have no clean water? etc.

rwandaIts not fair for a clique of women to abuse this important day because they’re addicted to greed and opulence.

This day should belong to that woman who has to toil the soil to look for food for her family-that woman who has to walk miles to find the nearest hospital-that woman who has to take out a loan from unscrupulous loan sharks to pay school fees for her children-that woman who walks in the rain  to pick her children from school-that woman who seats by the road side to sell vegetables so her family does not starve to death-that woman who has to spend days seated outside the prison gates so she can see her loved one -that woman who starves her self, so her children can eat the little food available-etc.

rwandaIf indeed this day was reserved for important women in Rwanda, then where are those women that participated and contributed in the struggle that brought dictator Paul Kagame to power??

Fellow Compatriots,

The Paul Kagame’s clique might think that Rwanda is their camp were the undesirable ones can be kept indefinitely. Then,  they’re  very wrong as that time to oil the people’s revolution has arrived to get rid of  all the waste of space, that thinks its their god given birth right to;  exploit, patronise, murder, abuse, etc. our people. The time to pack their empty bottles of wines and champagne bottles is now. If they’re wise enough as they assume to be,  then they should start planning their exit today and not tomorrow.

Long Live the Rwandan Woman

Joram Jojo