Ijwi Rya Rubanda, The True Voice for Rwanda Voiceless

Ijwi Rya Rubanda

Radio Ijwi Rya Rubanda Fans

Today in Rwanda there’s no proper independent media that is able to act as an alternative voice for the oppressed. Its a battle between Media activists and the RPF Dictatorship. The Monopoly of lies has been ruthlessly defended by Kagame’s dictatorship, while the truth has been mercilessly suppressed.

Most of the media activists tend to be based in diaspora were they can operate freely. However, their message never reaches to the wider audience in Rwanda.This has not been caused by the regime alone, but cooperation among different groups, as always, the dictatorship has been able to hide behind certain opposition media outlets disguised as activists, and plays the divide game diligently.

However, Radio Ijwi Ryarubanda activists have been able to beat the dictatorship by using traditional means like word of mouth,taping, courier,etc. to reach the wider audience in Rwanda-in spite of their website being blocked by Kagame’s autocracy-We believe that Ijwi Rya Rubanda is the true voice of the oppressed and we shall continue to use ingenious ways to get it to the masses.

The following program is part of the discussions that challenges the new ethnic divide based on the “Ndu Munyarwanda”, that the regime is introducing in Rwanda to marginalise Banyarwanda further.