Paul Kagame’s New Purchase

What has criminal Paul Kagame been up too of late?
According to our sources, the criminal has been busy visiting Western capitals shopping for the best that money can buy. We’re talking of evidence remover such as; Bleach, Washing detergent,blood stain remover, metal brushes, etc. to clean the blood of his victims.
We understand that Paul Kagamme is willing to pay 10 million dollars(US) for the best bleach as long as it can remove the traces of blood.
The French have promissed to come up with some soap called Igisabuni, because the Americans up to now haven’t delivered the wonder washing powder code named Kongo remover…
That’s why Paul kagame is very angry with Human right’s Activists, as they can see the blood stains haven’t been removed and they can be spoted miles away.
Maybe the French might clean the blood as Tony Blair seems to have failed the task-Tony blair seems to be everywhere promising every killer on this planet of how he will get them the best detergent to clean the blood for jolly good..

I still doubt that the French Igisabuni will do the Job.
To be continued


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